Welcome to Kamilari! 

Discover The Charming Town Of Kamilari. This little Cretan village has less than 500 residents, so you can expect to be treated like one of the locals as soon as you arrive. With warm hospitality and down-to-earth personalities, the people of Kamilari love having visitors in town and the longer you stay, the better. Now that you are right at home, you might be wondering what to do with these blissfully sunny days in paradise. For such a small place, there is plenty to see and do...

Take A Self-Guided Walking Tour Of The Village

This is a great way to soak up the atmosphere of your sweet home away from home. As you roam the quaint streets, you will see traditional homes with well-cared-for gardens, buildings with white-washed walls, churches, charming alleyways and a few curious cats. The locals will chat away with you, asking where you have come from and where you are staying. You might even be invited for a drink or tour of the flower garden. An awe-inspiring stroll is always a wonderful way to start your time in a new place.

Visit The Roman Ruins At Gortyna

Also known as Gortys, this fascinating archaeological site is not far from Heraklion, the capital of Crete. The island is small, so from the village, you can get there in under an hour. Look for the wall with the inscription of the Law of Gortyn that dates back to the 5th century BC. According to Greek mythology, Zeus and Europa made love under a plane tree there, which mysteriously keeps its leaves even in winter. As with many Greek legends, the tale is long and detailed, so you can discover the full story when you get here.

Feast On Fabulous Food

Food is one way to make strong connections with people, places, and experiences that turn into fond memories. You can find restaurants serving traditional Cretan fare, a wonderful pizzeria and cafes serving delicious Greek coffee in the village. There is also a traditional kafenion, a place to chat, play games and drink coffee. A part of Greek history and culture, the kafenion is a comfortable place to be social and enjoy the company of whoever turns up.

Enjoy Lazy Beach Days

Of course, the beach life probably was one of the first things that drew you to Crete. Near Kamilari, there are many scenic sandy spots, including Matala, Kommos, Kalamaki and Afrathias beaches, to name a few.

Tour The Kamilari Fabrica

This museum showcasing local folk culture and history was once an olive factory. See old olive-making equipment and machinery and displays and learn about the area's history.

Fun fact: The origin of the name Kamilari was Byzantine. It comes from the word kamilaris, which translates to "the person riding a camel."

When you travel off the beaten path to places like Kamilari, it is wise to wonder if the area has what you need to have the kind of vacation you are dreaming of. Finding a balance between staying away from touristy towns and being somewhere with a little life takes consideration. We say Kamilari is the perfect blend of peaceful surroundings with a vibrant community. We invite you to come and visit us and find out for yourself.

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